How We Work

The dictionary definition of bespoke is “made for a specific customer" but it’s a word that has found it’s way into common use and has become overused.

At The Bespoke Furniture Company we take that word very seriously indeed – for us a bespoke piece of furniture has evolved through a very specific process, one that we follow to the letter today.

For us the relationship with the client is the key to what we do at The Bespoke Furniture Company. On one hand we aim to get into our clients way of thinking and understand their vision.

On the other hand we have a unique way of working and if we can get the client to understand that then we really can work together to create something beautiful.


Our mission is very simple, we strive to design and manufacture the highest quality bespoke furniture that will enhance your home and life. All our pieces are made with three key words in mind:


To enable us to fully understand your vision, we can either work to a design you might have in mind or start from scratch working closely with you to understand where the piece will live. Either way you can guarantee that the end result will be a one of a kind, truly bespoke (in the true sense of the word) piece that will enhance your home or office space. 

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To find out more about how we might be able to create that perfect piece for you home please get in touch.