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The Kitchen Table

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Creating truly bespoke items of furniture that surprise and delight our customers is one of our main objectives and that is what drives us to create stunning but functional pieces of furniture.

Ensuring we have a total understanding of the customers vision is absolutely vital and that is why we take so much time in the initial stages of working with a new client.

For this particular piece I was invited to the client’s house so I could see where it might sit and get a feel for the décor and layout.

My brief was to design and make a console for the main lounge so that is what I started with, using my time with them to gain a detailed understanding of their vision for the piece. During these discussions I did however, also get an understanding of the next phases of the refurbishment.

One of the most important rooms in the house was the kitchen where, being a sociable family, they wanted to create a family space where they could all spend time and eat together, dragging the children down from their respective bedrooms and off their X-Boxes.

Once I understood their vision for the kitchen, I was able to propose an additional piece that would, to my mind help bring the space to life. I had an idea for the design of a table that would be perfect.

We worked together to declutter a few rooms to give them more purpose and create a more inviting environment. The console was delivered on schedule and placed in the desired location as we awaited the arrival of the husband and wife. The smile on their faces told me that they loved the piece and I was hopeful that they would accept my pitch to build a new kitchen table.

Lo and behold hardly a week had passed when I received a call in my office from the husband who had been told about my observations on the kitchen. He gave me a budget and asked me to produce drawings etc for him to see, no one else as, if this was going to go ahead, it was going to be a surprise for his wife and family.

The plan was to keep the kitchen units but work on them to improve the aesthetics of the space. The escutcheons would be changed, the kitchen cupboard doors would be decluttered and repainted. Parts of the work surfaces would be replaced but the main part of the brief was for the creation of a new table and benches for the kitchen. The brief specified that the table should have a top 12 cm deep and be big enough to be in keeping with the size of the kitchen, which was very large indeed.

So we got to work. We created a solid oak Pugin style table, four meters long and 150cm wide. It’s a hard-wearing table that is absolutely fit for purpose, it can be scrubbed, washed and cleaned with no worries or concerns whatsoever.

We also created 1 meter cutting boards made of beech, solid 10 cm marble slabs for pastry and chocolate making and bespoke escutcheons for the kitchen cabinets.


The family loved the transformation of their kitchen, and it wasn’t long before they were eating together on a regular basis and the children even took to inviting their friends round for baking sessions in their “newly” created family focused kitchen.

Another very happy customer for The Bespoke Furniture Company who also provided me with some very nice referrals.

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